Update for the 7th of May!

2017-05-07 14:29:42 by Psynical

Wah-bam, I thoght id do this update because I think that it would be good to keep the 15 fans upto date. and everyone else who reads this. THANK YOU if you do :)

Okay, im currently working on two projects. One of them is really personal and its kinda a representation of my feelings, and the other is going to be a gore fest based on the appeals of my favourite director, Quentin Tarantino. 

I think I have improved in my style of work and I have also worked on the animation techniques needed to do well, since i asked to find out the sources of my journey to overcome my failiures and struggles. So thank you whoever commented on that.

I missed picoday this year, sorta. I uploaded a shitty gif just for the giggles since ive been quite busy lately. and also lasy. 

anyway, thats all for today. Ill see you guys when my work is finished.



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