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I'm fucked.

Posted by Psynical - June 26th, 2016

My flash has decided to corrupt 3 weeks of work. I feel really sad and insane. It has been so stressfull for me and now this. Seriously shit like this happens to people who work to their fullest potential and even more and this ends up landing on me. Great, honestly. If i finished this project i guarentee that it would be the best thing I have created till this point. And since everything has corrupted I have no chance of finishing it. Thanks Windows Updating System for taking part in fucking ruining the rest of my soul. Fuck it. I have to take my mind off of it, I may as well start a new project and to take proper procautions with it with backups and so on. I'm guessing the rest of the fellow animators understand the emotions i'm feeling. But one things for sure. I'm not going to quit, never. I will seriously take my role, job hobbie whatever to the grave with me. Animation has been my dream job since I was a young lad. Now i'm older Im sure this is what I want to do. Trust me.

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Are u using macromedia?

Flash CS6 and if i repair the archives in flash it fixes it slightly. All of my graphic and movie clips are completely destroyed

thats quite strange never had an issue like that on cs 5.5.
Macromedia always did it. But yeah don't forget ever you can always back up projects here in ur dumping grounds. Simple swfs can be imported to the stage too if you lost the fla