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I haven't released anything because im just a busy boy with shit ideas. So im writing them and then scrapping them till I find something worthwhile :) I dont really want to rush anything i make since it needs to look good this time

Update for the 7th of May!

2017-05-07 14:29:42 by Psynical

Wah-bam, I thoght id do this update because I think that it would be good to keep the 15 fans upto date. and everyone else who reads this. THANK YOU if you do :)

Okay, im currently working on two projects. One of them is really personal and its kinda a representation of my feelings, and the other is going to be a gore fest based on the appeals of my favourite director, Quentin Tarantino. 

I think I have improved in my style of work and I have also worked on the animation techniques needed to do well, since i asked to find out the sources of my journey to overcome my failiures and struggles. So thank you whoever commented on that.

I missed picoday this year, sorta. I uploaded a shitty gif just for the giggles since ive been quite busy lately. and also lasy. 

anyway, thats all for today. Ill see you guys when my work is finished.


Merry Pico Day!

2017-04-30 06:57:05 by Psynical

merry fucking pico day people. If it wasnt for newgrounds,I would not be getting any support on my work and I owe it up to all the faglords at newgrounds. I love you all. Have a nice day.

Okay i got the idea down, storyboarded. Just need to do the rest of the hard work. This one may be the longest on i will make other than cat jones but I reckon it will be good :)

Learning to do 3D backgrounds!

2017-04-20 12:12:55 by Psynical

Okay, i want to do 3D backgrounds in my animations so im learning to do this. I belive i will be able to produce more interesting shots by doing this in my flash cartoons.


Character Design, (Sneak Peak)

2017-03-05 14:29:56 by Psynical


Update for the 1st of March!

2017-03-01 12:15:08 by Psynical

I'm working on a project with a friend, so yeah. We're currently in the audio doing stage and I reckon that we will finish  that soon. Then, I will animate it. Lets say this is a pilot to a show because thats what we want it to be so im really hoping it gets some good reception since I feel like this could be it, my big break on newgrounds.

Im really sorry to whoever follows me (No-one) for not uploading as much, im really trying my best but school takes over most of the times.

Okay, I have alot of things to say so im going to just segment this a bit.

1. Im currently working on a big project now, dont know when it will be finished im currently in the storyboard stage so ill see how that turns out and ill keep NG informed of what im doing with that.

2. I may be absent for abit on NG since I have mock exams for school and i wont really be able to publish anything (its not like i do anyway) and also the next year or so will be rather busy for me since school with revision and exams and stuff like that

3. Im not apart of Zombiewolf anymore, not much to say i just thought i needed to find myself and work on my own.

4. Finally I will try and make this year good since i felt very deprived of happiness last year, the bad times overwhelmed the good, so lets make it good this year even though its abit too late for me to say it.

Anyway, ill update later on. This is me signing out. Peace. 


Im half alive..

2016-12-19 05:26:33 by Psynical

im busy....

My New Animation !!

2016-11-19 08:02:12 by Psynical

Please check out my showreel/portfolio if possible people. this is an attempt to win me some work experience in a animation studio to show them what i got to offer